Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today #12

Today #12
Highlights of an Evening with Tommy Wiseau

Today, being also the 12th of February, I watched The Room in theaters; followed by a question and answer session with the director (whose name I always misspell), Tommy Wiseau; followed by a group picture and autograph. I will compile a list but will not title the post as a List.

-We all sang an abridged birthday to Mr. B (21/"F you Tommy"), whose present was to be flipped upside down on stage by Tommy Wiseau
-Tommy Wiseau took his shirt 20% of the way off
-Too-drunk-to-know-what-to-do girl put hands down Tommy Wiseau's pants/belts
-Tommy Wiseau wore 7 belts
-Tommy Wiseau left in the middle of autographs to play football and was almost hit by a car as the extremely attractive General Manager informed us
-I bought confetti and party blowers for Johnny's surprise party
-I had to explain to Tommy Wiseau how to spell Mandi Fungus, which is now "Mandy Fanugus ?" on the signed poster
-Tommy Wiseau did not actually answer any of the questions asked
-We did not win Tommy Wiseau's Ethnic Bingo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today #11

Today #11

Today, being the day where my mind and emotions explode,

Emotional trajectory for today: -cos(x), x = [0, 7*pi]
Graph: Intensity vs time (weeks): sqrt(5) - sqrt(5 - x) (5 weeks = 2.77778 months in Nicholas Standard Time)
(Although, 1 week (NST) ago, the function looked like sqrt(4) - sqrt(4 - x))
Finished the fort!* It still needs furnishing, but whatevs. I've starting decorating the walls.
*Entails draping a bed sheet over it, held up by removable wall hooks.


PS: Definitely fell over as I was putting the roof on the fort. Fell right on my head. Literally!, and not Joe Biden literally. I hope I didn't wake anyone up; it made a bit of a racket. I'm 90% sure I don't have a concussion.