Friday, February 25, 2011

Motivated #1

Motivated #1
An Orientation of Objects


Seriously, I haven't felt like this since high school when I had no life and I just did stuff like homework and clubs all day. Granted, I'm getting (very) dangerously close to stopping social interactions, but I'm actually accomplishing stuff I can be proud of and learning the things I want to be learning AND DOING THE STUFF I WANT TO DO.

It's because of the circus. Because we're performing next week(!), it's been really busy and super intense, and I've had to adjust to that kind of schedule. I cut out the buttshit (my new word for bullshit), started marking things on my calendar, setting alarms, responding to e-mails as soon as I can, prioritizing, actually doing work, etc.

However, what got me to write this post was the fact that I literally just learned about object-oriented programming (C++). I'd heard about it, but I didn't really learn what it did or would it could do. But now I (kind of) know., you are my hero. Who needs subpar professors when you can teach yourself and not be frustrated or bored?

Finally, in my last paragraph, I will explain to you the point of this post, and it is that when I get really excited about stuff, when I start reading a book I really enjoy or study a topic that really interests me, I get so excited that I have to stop. I'm so overjoyed by the fact that I found something I like, that I get all giddy and can't stay focused. Ironic, no? So anyway, I have to stop the lesson I'm on about encapsulation and have to go to bed because if I learn any more of this useful stuff, my brain will blow a fuse.

All my love,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

List #7

List #7
4 Songs 4 U

Also, today, I've had a few songs stuck in my head, and I want to share them with you.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Thanks, Mandi

Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait
Thanks, Kat

Animal Collective - In the Flowers
Thanks, Gabe

The Sound of Animals Fighting - Heretic
Thanks, Brandon

Today #22

Today #22
Oldies Make Me Grunt

Today, being the day I teach myself C++, I keep making small, strange noises in my room. I'll either stretch and make one of those stretch grunts, or think of something funny and halfway laugh which turns into a grunt, or halfway sigh that sounds like a grunt. Either way, I keep making all these grunting sounds, which to someone that wasn't looking might misinterpret as my having sex.

Also, this Pandora station I'm listening to was really good at first, but now it's playing oldies-sounding music. I hate the oldies. No matter how many times I click "dislike," it keeps giving me stuff that sounds like it was make previous to 2000.

Also, this being the 22nd Today #* post, I have left my three favorite sequential numbers in sign language. 20 looks like a chirping little bird, 21 looks like a shooting gun, and 22 is fun like all of the other 33-44-55-type numbers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Post Scriptum #1

Post Scriptum #1
Bells and Joysticks

You know how I mentioned how much I loved Jamie Bell in List #1 (i.e. only posted a picture of him)? Well now he's in Eagle and everyone loves him. I CALLED HIM FIRST. Well, after everyone else that had seem him in Mr. Foe and all his other stuff, and in real life and stuff.

Also, I'm compiling a list of all the video games I've played. It's long, but not nearly long enough for a game designer in training. Too many RPG's and action-adventure games.

Today #21

Today #21
Rub Some Chalk On It

Today, being 2:22 in the morning, I should be asleep. However, the circus is two weeks away, another big creative project is supposed to be done in two weeks as well, I'm looking for an apartment, and I have to start applying for summer internships. There is much to be done. So many e-mails to write and schedules to coordinate. I hate schedules!!! I'm glad very little of it is school work. I have most of my motivation back. It's because I'm busy with stuff that I want to be doing.

But all of that is blah blah blah. What's REALLY important is that I went to Gymnastics Club today. It was excellent. I got three rips (when friction causes layers of skin on your hands to separate and then rip off in dime size chunks) and did so many push ups and chin ups that I can't use my biceps anymore. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been 5 minutes of splits each way. Oh, how I miss gymnastics. I ate one of the skin chunks and tacked the other two onto a cork board. It's tradition.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today #20

Today #20
Meeting Escape

Today, being a Tuesday which means I don't have class, I had four meetings and they were great. (1) Mask-making meeting for circus (2) Uncommon fund meeting (3) Scav captains/lieutenants meeting (4) Story/script writing/development meeting for circus.

Also, yesterday, I downloaded the OST's (official soundtracks) to the first and second season of Carnivàle. Note, I downloaded them illegally using campus Internet. Oops. But they were direct downloads, so I think I'll be fine. I really only needed one song because I was thinking about using it for the circus.

Anyway, I just had a first listen through of the second soundtrack, and I kind of felt all these weird emotions. I don't know how to explain it really, but they felt like antique shops smell. Well, I'm sure not all antique shops smell the same, but what I imagine it being like is an old, conglomerate of smells that is wonderful but impossible to identify. I was mildly inspired, sorry, determined, longing, willful, and worried.

FYI, my last post was my 69th post.

I've been playing A TON of Room Escape games lately. Don't know what I'm talking about? Head to and find out what I mean. They're kind of shitty, BUT THEY'RE THE GREATEST!!! Aurora, Escape the Phonebooth, Room Escape, Office Escape on that site and have been my favorites. Seriously, I played them from about 10pm-5am the day before/of a midterm. However, I can rarely get through one without looking up a walkthrough. They're sometimes hard/annoying as barley!

Wish me luck on my ASL final in 9 hours. Given I usually sleep 10 hours, I'll probably be a little tired today.