Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miscellaneous #2

Miscellaneous #2
Sign Language for Pahlo

Pahlo my pahlo and I are in sign language, and we have made up a few of our own signs for the following.

S my D
the buttseck

There aren't that many yet and they're not that clever, but we're working on it.

Also, because "pahlo" is confusing to some people:

Pahlo (Breseida) is Pahlo
I am Pahlo
We are only Pahlo to each other, but sometimes other people call us Pahlo
pahlo means friend, generally, as well, but only in sometimes
We have children and they are our pahlitos
We say "Pahlo, my pahlo", which is also "Pahlo, my Pahlo", which is basically just saying Pahlo with extra affection. It's also sometimes "pahlomypahlo"
HOWEVER, and Pahlo thought of this, it's funny to think about "pahlo my pahlo" as "(verb) my (noun)" instead of "(name), my (noun)" / "(name), my (name)"
"pahlo my pahlo" in the "(verb) my (noun)" sense sounds dirty; it's basically S my D and L my C and all of that mixed together

So I guess we also have

pahlo my pahlo