Sunday, June 12, 2011

E-Mail #1

E-Mail #1

Dear Mallards:

Dear Mallards:

I know you don't know who I am--maybe you do--but I love you love you (I L U) |-----------------------| this x30 much.
Still, I wanted to explain (essplain) how much I love you to my friends (frains), but the pictures (pit'churs) you have on your website do not allow me to explain (essplain) how great (gr8t) you (u) are (r). They're blurry. In any case, I wear the cute brown shirt ("Our Ice Cream is Superior") all around ('round) Chicago.
If I had 6 teleportation pads, one would be in Mallard's always.

Always Ur Luv'r,
(Always Your Lover,)
Nick the Nicholas

Re: Dear Mallards:

HI Nicholas,
Thanks so much for the email and trust me Mallard loves you this |----------| much too! We are always trying to improve our website but I agree the picture are a bit blurry, but because of your love if you give me you address I can send you some of our fun pint labels to remind you of some of out lovely flavors.
Have a great day!

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