Thursday, May 19, 2011

List #11

List #11
The Wonderful Things I Thought

1. Genetic algorithms -> These actually are real things, but I expanded the idea in my head. Basically, it's a way of optimizing functions by ranking the fitness of the components of several functions and combining the best parts of these different algorithms to create a super algorithm. It mimics natural selection. Anyway, I thought about the point when programs can write and modify other programs, and how evolution could allow technology to improve itself (and eventually destroy the human race, if we're still around).

2. Perfect echo chambers -> An idea for a story or game. There are pockets tucked away in the world whose structures are perfectly formed such that sound that enters them will echo forever if undisturbed. Thus, they have the ability to hold ancient words, songs, and secrets. People spend their lives searching for them, as the knowledge they hold is extremely powerful. Of those that remain, most natural chambers reside deep within caves; however, some civilizations were able to create artifacts and structures that have the same property.

3. "What do eternal life and chlamydia have in common?" -> "They are both free gifts!"

4. In response to Fanon and de Beauvoir's commentary on the desire to have our existence proven, i.e. Existential bullshit -> Not existing would be kind of nice. Why do we try so hard to have people acknowledge our existence?

5. This was actually two days ago after the Full Moon Jam ->
5a. "Where'd you get that designer hulla hoop?" Oh, it's Gucci.
5b. I was standing in line getting Buffalo Wild Wings (they were actually just chicken strips with Buffalo sauce (I was actually in line for a strawberry smoothie)) and I explained to a stranger next to me that after meeting a bunch of friendly fire spinners up north, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everyone around me. However, because I was back at UChicago where we don't make eye contact or acknowledge one another, I can't. I did not introduce myself to her.

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