Monday, May 23, 2011

Sense #1

Sense #1

I have lots of new stuff to report, but for the moment, I will leave you with the isolation of a sense.

I am making up two-and-a-half weeks' worth of computer science readings in a small room with a range of indistinguishable electrical noise. My laptop is quietly playing music, and the occasional car and plane add a brief bass note to this witching hour orchestra. Birds chirp outside, pianissimo, and distant footsteps and ambulance sirens provide recurring themes. Yet, none of these harmonic lines would be noticed if not for a mysterious and captivating melody. Its accompaniment fades into the background of my mind and is only brought to attention when the stark contrast of the melody creeps into consciousness from somewhere nearby. They take the form of strange, human-made noises, though their exact instrument is unrecognizable.

Still, my musical background encourages me to take a guess. Is sex? Or a wretched soul crying over weeks of stress? Perhaps it is uncomfortable laugher or the cause of some other mental instability. Hell, it might even be someone dying after tripping and fracturing their skull. Whatever it is, I am too afraid to check, and so I leave you only with my conjectures*.

*In order of decreasing probability

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